Donald Trump's collection of NFTs, which he referred to as "digital trading cards," has been a success

by - RiverFriendly date - 18.12.2022

The collection, which featured Trump in various guises such as a superhero, cowboy, and astronaut, could be purchased for $99 and contained 45,000 NFTs.

it was reportedly minted in around 12 hours, with almost 14,000 people purchasing one or more of the tokens.

The total value of the collection is now around $570,000 

Prior to the launch of the NFTs, some speculated that Trump's "major announcement" could be related to his political future

but instead he revealed his foray into the NFT market and encouraged his supporters to buy the digital trading cards. 

“Remember, Christmas is coming and this makes a great Christmas gift,” Trump said. 

45,000 NFTs were created, 44,000 of which were available for purchase for $99 each