13 Awesome Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

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Wedding photography is often the most challenging artistic endeavor that an amateur photographer can face; after all, there are no retakes in a wedding.

Add to this the very high expectations of the bride who has been fantasizing about her big day since grade school and you will understand exactly why most amateur photographers get butterflies in their stomachs at the prospect of wedding photography.

However, you simply can’t ignore the financial and aesthetic rewards involved in this type of photography, so if you are all ready to capture memories that will last a young couple for a lifetime, here are some tips that will prove useful.

Wedding Photography Ideas

One of the most important wedding photography techniques is of getting a shot list ready. The three types of shots that you should try to get on your list include:

Tips # 1: Get the shot list ready

  • An essential shot list: talk to the bride and the groom about the photographs that they absolutely must have, it would look very bad if that momentous picture with grandma was never clicked; this list will particularly prove helpful for family pictures
  • A creative shot list: This is the list that will make your work stand out from that of the other wedding photographers; now even though these pictures are not going to make or break the album they will certainly highlight your artistic talent because these are the shots that are set up.
  • A dream shot list: This list should include shots that would be reflective of a perfect wedding day; for instance, something special that the bride is willing to do in her wedding dress besides walk down the aisle and kiss her groom.

Tips # 2: Get Inspired

Even if you are an experienced photographer, it never hurts to take a few pointers from wedding magazines. These publications will usually offer tips on the perfect setting, poses, portrait ideas, shot settings, and wedding photography techniques.

Tips # 3: Check out the locations

As an amateur wedding photographer, one of the vital wedding photography techniques that can change the final result of your work will be your level of preparation for the various locations that will be used on the big day. Now, even though pros may not feel the need to go through this grind; it may help a lot of you to be aware of the locations that you are going to visit, the possible shot angles in this place, and the light factors that will come into play.

Tips # 4: Be Prepared

Preparation is one of the key elements of wedding photography techniques; follow Murphy’s Law and be ready for everything that can possibly go wrong; charge the batteries; get memory card blanks along, plan your itinerary, and if possible, try to attend the rehearsal dinner because there are several helpful tips for that particular ceremony.

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Tips # 5: Work with the Couple

Get the couple mentally prepared for the end results: Show the couple your work so you can help them to set their expectations. Find out about the number of shots that they want and about how the shots will be used. Ensure that you discuss the prices in the beginning.

Tips # 6: Capture the Details

Don’t shy away from shooting the details; for instance, the table settings, flowers, shoes, backs of dresses, menu, etc. These pictures will lend an extra dimension to your work.

Tips #7: Be ready with a backup

This is an extremely important part of wedding photography techniques. Beg, borrow or steal but ensure that you have an extra camera with you on the big day because apart from the fact that you can set both of them up with different lenses, you will also have a backup in case something goes wrong with one of the cameras.

Tips # 8: Take a second photographer along

This move could really take the pressure off your shoulders because while one of you shoots the formal pictures the other can go for the candid shots. This would also mean less work and running around for you as the only photographer.

Tips # 9: Master wedding photography techniques by using diffused light

It is important for a wedding photographer to know how to bounce the flash or diffuse the light. Many churches are not well lit and while some may allow you to use flash others may not; in which case, bouncing the flash will be one of the options that may work. However, you need to remember that bouncing the flash of colored surfaces will lead to a colored cast in the picture. If the church does not allow the use of flash, you can always use a fast lens or increase the ISO. You may also want to consider the usage of a lens with image stabilization.

Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners – Tips # 10: Shoot RAW

Because the venues for weddings differ greatly, you may also want to shoot RAW so that you can manipulate the exposure and work on the white balance even after the shot is taken.

Tips # 11: Get the Backgrounds Right

For a formal shot, the background of the picture can make a world’s difference; so scope out the venue to find good backgrounds. Ideally, you should choose uncluttered spaces and spots that are out of direct sunlight.

Tips # 12: Change the perspective

A little bit of creativity can yield remarkable results so don’t be scared to experiment a little; particularly with the angle of the shot. While most of the images that make it t the wedding album will be formal poses, you can spruce things up by taking shots for varied angles such as low, high, and wide angles.

Tips # 13: Group shot technique

You can always try to take a group picture of everybody that attended the wedding; this type of picture makes a lovely close to a perfect wedding album. However, you will need to be high above everybody else to capture all the faces, so you might want to consider using a tall ladder or even a balcony.

One of the primary challenges faced by wedding photographers is to live up to the expectations of the couple; then there are the dozens of relatives and friends who are all bustling about the place and the photographer has the daunting task of capturing all of them. However, despite the hard work, the fact that your work will be cherished for a lifetime or even generations is the biggest reward.


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